Front View
Staircase Beach Sticker 450
TP-LINK Tapo C100 CCTV Ground Floor 89
Shelf Case 1st floor 120
TP-LINK Tapo C100 CCTV 1st Floor 89
Shelf Case LED lights 1st floor 80
SUM Analog Timer 1st Floor 16
NIPPON Radio 68
London Poster 30
World of Wonders Posters 120
Shelf Case 2nd floor 120
Shelf Case LED lights 2nd floor 80
6 tier Shoe Rack 40
TAPO C210 CCTV 2nd Floor 120
TP-LINK Tapo C100 CCTV 2nd Floor 89
SUM Analog Timer 2nd Floor 16
Entrance Door and Security door system 1,000
Wiring 600
Total RM3,127
Corridor View
Staircase Beach Sticker450
TP-LINK Tapo C100 CCTV Ground Floor89
Shelf Case 1st floor120
TP-LINK Tapo C100 CCTV 1st Floor89
Shelf Case LED lights 1st floor80
SUM Analog Timer 1st Floor16
NIPPON Radio68
London Poster30
World of Wonders Posters400
Shelf Case 2nd floor120
Shelf Case LED lights 2nd floor80
6 tier Shoe Rack40
TAPO C210 CCTV 2nd Floor120
TP-LINK Tapo C100 CCTV 2nd Floor89
SUM Analog Timer 2nd Floor16
Entrance Door and Security door system1,000
Upstairs - Middle Room
Designer Fan 1350
Designer Fan 2350
Reception Table1,158
Reception Green Chair 2 pieces ( RM 50 x 2)100
Reception Chair with roller 1 pieces ( RM 50 x 2)100
Display Shelf 1535
Display Shelf 2535
Display Shelf 3428
COB Spot light (11 pcs x RM 12)132
COB Track120
TAPO C210 CCTV Middle Room120
vinyl tiles flooring 261 sq. ft (RM 5.50/sq.ft)1,436
Daikin Wifi 2HP Air Con2,640
Aircon Installation500
 Keluar Sign120 
Upstairs - Small Room
Glass Partition2200
Designer Lights 1120
Designer Lights 2120
vinyl tiles flooring 140 sq. ft (RM 5/sq.ft)700
Daikin Wifi 1.5HP Air Con2640
Aircon Installation120
1.5 x 6 ft table 2 pieces (RM 120 x 2)240
Plastic Chair 3 pieces (RM 28  x 3)84
Power Hoist Crane with installation350


Upstairs - Big Room & Store Room at Balcony
Glass Partition2800.00
Designer Lights 6 pieces (RM 120 x 6)
COB Track Light + Track Lights
Designer Fan 2 pieces (RM 350 x 2)700.00
Vinyl tiles flooring 372 sq. ft (RM 5/sq.ft)2950.00
Daikin Wifi 2.5HP Air Con2930.00
Aircon Installation874.00
1.5 x 6 ft table 6 pieces (RM 140 x 6)840.00
Plastic Chair 26 pieces (RM 28 x 26)728.00
2ft x 6 ft table 2 pieces (RM 150 x 2)300.00
TP-Link Archer AX73 AX5400 5400mbps Triple Core Processor 6 Antenna Dual-Band Gigabit Wi-Fi 6 Router 473.00
TAPO C210 CCTV120.00
Shelf Case 2 pieces240.00
Ceiling Fan @ Store Room300.00
7 Steps Ladder160.00


Upstairs - Pantry Area & Toilet
Fire Extinguisher150
Marble Table800
vinyl tiles flooring300
Lightning & wiring500
TotalRM 1750
Remarks: The big signboard of the shoplot will be removed when you put on new signboard. This is to reduce double charges on crane. Tenant can remove anything that is not required.
Unit is available starting 1 July 2024. How much are you willing to buy all the renovation? Please offer us before last day of the month. We go by bidding system. Rental RM 1900 / month.
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