Alpha Greeno Policies

1.0 Public Holidays & Semester Break

The centre is open on all public holidays.

The centre is only close during semester break or due to any unforeseen circumstances. As such, we will try our very best to inform you in advance so that you could do an arrangement for the affected classes.

2.0 Fines and Punishment

In Alpha Greeno, we do not condone physical punishment. However, we would deduct the Greeno of the students.

If there is a need, we would communicate with the parents. We expect parents would give their fullest co-operation in ensuring students have productive behaviour in the class.

3.0 No recording is allowed in the classroom

Students are refrained from using their handphones/electronic devices/communication devices during class. However, should there is a need, permission could be obtained from the teacher for such usage.

4.0 Attending Classes

Alpha Greeno’s staff will be in the centre 15 minutes prior commencement of any class.

Alpha Greeno’s staff will accompany all students below 12 years old at the ground floor for a buffer time of 10 minutes after class.

If parents can’t pick the students within 10 minutes, all students will return to the centre after 10 minutes. Parents need to go up and fetch the children from the centre.

5.0 Not Attending Classes

It is a good practice for parents to inform the centre if students can’t attend the class.

Should a student miss any class, a replacement can only be done via Online Zoom Class.

No refund or any compensation will be made for any missed lesson. When a new semester has commenced, If students are can’t attend the first few lessons of the new semester, he/she is required to pay the semester fees in full because the seats have been reserved for all existing students.

If we don’t hear any response from the student after the commencement of the first class in a new semester, we reserve the rights to open his/her seat to new students. If the seat has been taken by other students, he/she will not be able to attend the same time slot.

6.0 Temporary Change of Class

Should a student wish to change class for any reason, please inform us via Whatsapp, at least 7 days prior to the commencement of the class. The approval for such a request lies at the discretion of the management. We will try to meet all reasonable transfer requests, subject to the availability of places and our assessment of the most appropriate course for each student. 
Due to limited seating, all replacement classes can only be conducted via online Zoom. Replacement via physical means is not permitted.

7.0 Transfer of class

Should a student wish to transfer to another class time or level, please discuss this with the student’s class teacher and principal. All transfers must be agreed upon by the class teacher and the Principal. We will try to meet all reasonable transfer requests, subject to the availability of places and our assessment of the most appropriate course for each student.

8.0 Cancellation of Class

The centre reserves the right to temporarily cancel classes due to unforeseen circumstances. As such, students are required to attend alternative classes.

The centre reserves the right to cancel classes due to force majeure. If classes are cancelled due to force majeure there will be no replacement and no refunds or credits will be given.

9.0 Exclude students from classes due to health issues

The centre reserves the right to exclude any student from lessons with symptoms that may suggest the presence of a communicable diseases. Parents are required to report all communicable disease to a member of Alpha Greeno.

10.0 Disciplinary matters

The Student must abide by the centre’s rules as set out in the Student Handbook or

as may be published or announced by the Principal from time to time.

The centre reserves the right to require a student’s immediate withdrawal and return home, for serious disciplinary or behavioural matters or if in the judgement of the Principal this is in the best interests of the Student or their peers.

11.0 Payment of Fees

All fees must be paid 1 week before the commencement of a new semester. If fees are not paid by this time, the seat will be released to other students. The centre will not be responsible for any missed classes due to the seat being released. Payment can be made via cash or bank transfer. The centre reserves the right to charge a late payment fee for any outstanding fees.

12.0 Refund of school fees

Fee once paid is not refundable, transferable or adjustable under any circumstances in future. However, we will consider giving refunds and credits only under the following circumstances:

• Serious illness requiring overnight hospitalisation for more than 60 days;

• Requests for such refund should be made within 14 days after commencement of the first class.

• When we deem it necessary, we may ask for appropriate written evidence to support such requests and we reserve the right not to give a refund or a credit.

• Should an agreement is reached between the students and the centre, after deducting all relevant cost incurred, only up to a maximum 50% of school fees based on the remaining classes on pro-rated will be refunded. The period of refund will take not more than 60 days for cash/cheque/wired transfer payment and not more than 120 days for credit card payment from the date of payment. The receipt for such payment must be returned to Alpha Greeno.

13.0 Damages to property

The Parent and Student are liable for the cost of any breakages, loss or damage caused by the student to the premises.

14.0 Personal Injury, losses

The centre will not be liable for any personal injury, or losses, arising from the student’s presence in the centre. Hence, it is advisable not to bring valuable belongings to the centre.

15.0 All terms and conditions are subject to changes without prior notice.

16.0 Additional Coaching Programme

Should parents request any additional coaching programme, it is chargeable.

17.0 Registration

You sign to complete your registration (if students under the age of 18 must be a parent/guardian signature)

I have carefully read and fully understood all the terms pertaining to the tuition, fees, cancellation and refund policies of Alpha Greeno. I also read and understand the course notes and all the materials that I have registered. I hereby certify that the information provided in this registration is accurate and complete.

18.0 Fees

The centre reserves the right to increase the fees at any time in exceptional circumstances, but fee increases will not apply if payment has already been made.

19.0 Privacy Notice – Personal Data Protection Act 2010

The Personal Data Protection Act 2010 came into force in August 2013. It requires all educational businesses to inform customers that they will collect, record, store and process their personal data in any way. Businesses must also obtain their customers’ consent to the handling of their personal data.

Therefore Alpha Greeno (the Company) informs you that the personal data that you provide during placement testing and registration will be stored both physically and electronically by the Company. Storage will be only within the Company’s premises, wherever they may be within Malaysia, and access to your information will be restricted to Company staff who have a working need to see or handle it. Your personal data will not knowingly be disclosed to any third party not employed by the Company nor will it knowingly be transferred to any place outside

1.0 公共假日和学期休息



2.0 罚款和处罚

在Alpha Greeno,我们不容忍体罚。但是,我们会扣除学生的Greeno。


3.0 禁止在教室内录音


4.0 上课

Alpha Greeno的员工会在任何课程开始前15分钟到达中心。

Alpha Greeno的员工会在课后陪同所有12岁以下的学生在一楼等待10分钟。


5.0 不上课





6.0 临时更换班级


7.0 转班


8.0 取消课程



9.0 由于健康问题而排除学生参加课程

中心有权排除任何具有可能表明传染病存在的症状的学生参加课程。家长需要向Alpha Greeno的成员报告所有传染病。

10.0 纪律事项



11.0 缴费


12.0 学费退款


• 严重疾病导致住院超过60天;

• 对此类退款的要求应在第一节课开始后14天内提出。

• 当我们认为有必要时,我们可能要求提供适当的书面证据来支持此类请求,我们保留不给予退款或积分的权利。

• 如果学生与中心达成协议,经扣除所有相关费用后,仅最多50%的学费基于剩余课程的比例将被退还。退款期限将从付款日期开始不超过60天(现金/支票/电汇付款)或不超过120天(信用卡付款)。此类付款的收据必须退还给Alpha Greeno。

13.0 财产损坏


14.0 个人受伤、损失


15.0 所有条款和条件均可能在未经事先通知的情况下更改。

16.0 额外辅导项目


17.0 注册


我已经仔细阅读并充分理解了有关Alpha Greeno学费、费用、取消和退款政策的所有条款。我也阅读并理解了我注册的课程笔记和所有材料。我在此证明本注册表中提供的信息是准确完整的。

18.0 费用


19.0 隐私声明-个人数据保护法2010


因此,Alpha Greeno(公司)通知您,在报名测试和注册过程中提供的个人数据将由公司在物理上和电子上存储。存储将仅在公司位于马来西亚境内的地点进行,对您的信息的访问将受限于有工作需要查看或处理信息的公司员工。您的个人数据将不会被知情的转移给公司未雇用的任何第三方,也不会被知情的转移到境外。

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