Alpha Greeno Appreciation Month

Step 1: Buy something that the student prefer.


Step 2: Snap a photo of the student together with the gift


Step 3: Post it on Facebook according to the guidelines below.


Step 4: Send the screenshot to Coach Martin Greeno Bot 60104603488. Use your Greeno to redeem cash from Coach Martin.
(1 Greeno = RM 0.04 | Maximum redemption: 500 Greeno)

Step 5: Coach Martin will transfer the money via touch n go.
Redemption period: 3 Oct 2022 – 30 Oct 2022 at 5 pm


1. The redemption must be made by an existing student. (Student must have paid the fees up to date). Discontinued students are not allowed to participate.

2. Greeno can’t be combined with other students.

3. Greeno can’t be transferrable to other students.

4. Posting on Facebook must follow the guidelines as above.

5. Redemption (1 Greeno = RM 0.04 | Maximum redemption: 500 Greeno)

Redemption period: 3 Oct 2022 – 31 Oct 2022


非常感谢Coach Martin的用心和认可

除此之外, 我想感谢 Alpha Greeno 的所有老师🙏

还没报读Alpha Greeno 的课程之前

报读Alpha Greeno课程几个月后
我在Grammar, Essay Writing, Speaking & Listening 方面有了很大的进步 🤩

给我精神上的支持和鼓励 💪

如果你们正在寻找Cambridge English Courses剑桥英语
我强烈推荐 Alpha Greeno

001 Jayden Tan

#感恩文化 #谢谢老师 #CambridgeEnglish #AlphaGreeno #EnglishTuition
#CeoCambridgeEnglish #PublicSpeaking

Sample of Copywriting

After working hard for so long, I have finally made it🥳
A very big thank you to Coach Martin for recognising my efforts
I love this gift so much! 😍

Other than that, I would like to thank all the teachers at Alpha Greeno🙏
You all are awesome!

Before enrolling in Alpha Greeno’s courses
I have no confidence in English

A few months after enrolling in the Alpha Greeno course
I have made huge progress in Grammar, Essay Writing, Speaking & Listening🤩

Thanks to my parents for always being with me
Giving me moral support and encouragement 💪

If you are looking for Cambridge English Courses
I highly recommend Alpha Greeno

001 Jayden Tan

#appreciation #thanksteachers #CambridgeEnglish #AlphaGreeno #EnglishTuition
#CeoCambridgeEnglish #PublicSpeaking

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